Our Animals on Land and Sea

Our Furry Friends

Of course, we focus on marine science, ecosystems, and animals, but we have the honor of hanging out with these cute puppies every day. Three dogs live with us (Fluffy, Louie, and Stanley), but if you just walk out the front door, you’ll bump into many more.

Chap! Patches’ brother and Snowy’s son who just got adopted a few weeks ago! From South Caicos to Florida seems like a cool deal.
Patches! My favorite cutie. So photogenic. He’s been hanging out in the center a lot lately… adoption time?
Stan the man! Louie and Stanley are basically inseparable unless he’s napping like this, of course.

Just a few weeks ago, two different dogs had puppies! They’re just big enough to be held now. Will I take one home? Definitely maybe.

Me and this little munchkin! One of 9! Maybe he’ll be in Worcester soon?

If you’re interested in adopting a dog, I’d be happy to act as a carrier for you! Check out http://www.potcakeplace.com/ for more information about a very popular adoption agency that works with all of the islands.

Our Friends with Flippers

Of course, we extend our animal encounters to shore lines and deep seas. Here are a few pictures of different animals we’ve recently come across. These pictures were all taken by students and interns on the program within the past few weeks.

This dolphin came right up to me on my first official open water dive! We were only half way down our descent and he came just about 5 feet away!
Cool and curious turtle form the other day.
A lionfish we speared and dissected later!

Never a dull moment!

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